1.Duties and responsibilities of the Department of Finance and General Services, are to:

1.1. Manage and maintain information on human resources of the Ministry, assists management in internal organization, provides administrative and logistical support;

1.2.Ensure the implementation of the selection procedures and employment of qualified staff in accordance with the legislation in force;

1.3.Coordinate the preparation, implementation, reporting and evaluation of the Ministry budget;

1.4.Coordinate the implementation in time of financial obligations of the ministry;

1.5.Manage the archive system and internal documents of the Ministry;

1.6.Provide logistic services for the Ministry;

1.7.Maintains the equipment of information technology and provides services according to needs and planning;

1.8.Supports the Ministry with translation as well as information technology (IT) equipment.

2.The Head of Department of Finance and General Services reports to the Secretary General.

3.Within the Department of Finance and General Services are functioning these Divisions:

3.1. Division for Budget and Finances;

3.2. Division of Human Resources;

3.3. Division for Logistics Services and IT Support;

3.4. Division of Archive, Records and Translation.

4.The number of employees in the Department of Finance and General Services is thirty eight (38).



Contact person:

NAZMI HALIMI– Head of Department

Tel: +383 (0)38 200 64 103